Ignite Oklahoma

David and Jodi Lewis were married in 2006 after a chance encounter at an art gallery in Oklahoma City. They have two boys, Bauer and Beckham.  Active in Quail Springs Baptist Church, David and Jodi believe faith is a foundation of family.    

The roots of Ignite Oklahoma

Meet our founder 

Businessman, best-selling author and entrepreneur David Lewis is in many ways the embodiment of the American Dream.  Rising from a broken home in one of Oklahoma City's poorest neighborhoods, he worked his way through college to become one of our state's most successful sons, being named one of Oklahoma's "40 Under 40" leaders on two occasions.   David Lewis embodies the very best values of Oklahoma; hard work, determination, and a "can do" optimism that has defined our state since its founding.    

David stands out as an Oklahoman who practices servant leadership at all levels of his life.  He has been appointed by two Governors to advise on workforce and economic development matters.  David has served with the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City, Junior League, Francis Tuttle CareerTech Foundation, The Redbud Classic, Leadership Oklahoma Class 30 and he has raised thousands of dollars for local charities and educational projects.

His effective leadership as an executive of Express Employment Professionals helped grow annual revenue to more than $3 billion. David has helped tens of thousands of Oklahomans secure a new job when they needed it most, and hundreds of people launch successful small businesses across America. He is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and an MBA from London Business School. He founded Ignite Oklahoma to help Oklahoma reach her potential as the best place in America to grow a business and raise a family. 

The Lewis Family

Meet David Lewis