Promoting and protecting the values which make Oklahoma great is the foundation of our work.  We provide insights and education on promoting economic growth in Oklahoma - primarily through building a business startup ecosystem, advancing smart education to develop our workforce, and finally by protecting the family as a core part of economic growth in the state.  

Establishing Oklahoma as the best place to launch and grow a business in America.
The Ignite Oklahoma Plan (Introduced as Senate Bill 412):  We have an opportunity to spark an economic land run in our state.  Oklahoma ranks in the bottom 10 states for per capita rates of entrepreneurship and innovation - in large part because other states have cultivated an environment which encourages startups. We call for an aggressive startup investment plan for angel investors and entrepreneurs to dramatically expand Oklahoma's economic pie. Oklahoma can be the easiest state in the country to attract the capital to launch a business.  In doing so we will make Oklahoma the most attractive state for hopeful entrepreneurs.  Under our plan, Oklahoma entrepreneurs will attract and deploy tens of millions of dollars in startup capital, and dramatically grow our budget revenues as a result, without raising costs on Oklahoma residents. More than 500,000 new government regulations and taxes have been imposed on taxpayers and businesses in Oklahoma just since 2008. 500,000! Literal mountains of red tape and duplicate bureaucracy are choking innovation in our great state.  Making regulations simpler, lower, flatter and fairer are critical to make Oklahoma the best place in America to launch and grow a business.  We will support the controlled phase out of regulations which are proven ineffective.

Establishing Oklahoma as the best place to raise a family in America.
Civic Heritage: Less than 3% of Oklahoma high school graduates can pass a basic citizenship test while less than half can name America's first president. Oklahoma can lead the nationwide movement to equip high school students to pass a Civic Education course which will teach the principles of responsible citizenship, constitutional federalism and separation of powers, and basic financial principles to empower our great state. 

Celebrate Industry: Oklahoma's Motto is "Labor Conquers All Things".  We celebrate those who choose a CareerTech training program or a community college as their path to independent, self-sustaining careers. Graduating college with no practical training and a mountain of debt is not the best course of action for every student.  Instead, we recognize that closing the growing skills gap in the United States can start right here in Oklahoma.

Promoting Family: Culture is misleading the next generation of Oklahoman's by convincing us that a two parent household is not the best way to raise a child. Single mothers and fathers know just how hard it is to be a single parent.  We celebrate the family and promote the truth that a stable families are the foundation of a stable state.

Ignite Oklahoma

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